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So this summer is my last year "working" at camp as a CIT counselor in trainingand starting next summer I could work as a regular counselor. Here is my question, is a job at the park a good first job? I would want to work somewhere that has to do with people, such as games. I have a very fun and personable personalty, so i feel like a job in an area such as games would be a lot of fun and a great experience. So here is my question, if you had to choose between these two as a first job, which would you pick?

And why? Some Job at Six Flags.

xurious inc glassdoor

Based off of what people who I know at the park say, its an amazing job. Disclaimer: I have never worked for Six Flags or any theme park. However, I have a lot of friends that work at Great Adventure, and I experience first-hand a lot of what they go through. Sub-disclaimer: Most of those friends work in Rides, which seems to be one of the toughest departments.

xurious inc glassdoor

Working at the park is basically what you make of it. Not many people have the endurance to truly enjoy the job, but some still do. They will work you hard, so you have to be ready for it. If you can look past the negatives and keep your sights set on the positives, then you'll have at least a decent to amazing time working at the park.

I did games last year and i found it fun and enjoyable, the best part was seeing peoples reactions to things. Talking on mic and annoying people was fun also haha. If you did do games try to get into the square section, that's the section with 3 point best game to work.

I have worked in entertainment, some time in sponsorships AKA cooperate alliance and safari. Started in entertainment while working for fright fest.

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FF is fun but gets exhausting, after a few years of doing it though, i have lost some interest in it, but still do it. After that fall ofi decided to continue working for entreatment the next coming season for an all summer job.

I was hired in as a 'greeter' which basically worked at show venues helping guest,seating them, controlling crowds during shows,watching for animal if an animal venue and their safety during shows, and cleaning the venues.

That kind of job is easy at times, but also hard at times. When you have to tell guest 'no' or that they can't do something, some are OK with things and understanding, some fight back and makes your job that much harder. That also applies elsewhere too, a guest can either make your day, or at times break your day.

Although i was hired in as a greeter, i was still thrown all over the place where needed to character escort and concerts as well. These jobs were easy as most of the time were just handing out samples to promote a product.Peplink Balance combines up to 13 Internet connections and lets you scale your bandwidth to suit all your needs. The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN routers can provide significant monthly savings by allowing business owners to replace leased line service with multiple business-class DSL or cable Internet services.

I cannot praise this device enough. This is worth the price just for the WAN link aggregation alone. We don't even notice is a ISP goes down because the aggregation just picks up the slack. We've been using a Balance for the better part of a year now.

We had one small "issue" which turned out to be my error and was quickly solved by Peplink after filing a ticket. The device has had impressive uptimes, so far the only times it's been down is for firmware updates or physical relocation.

I would highly recommend this over a Cisco solution any day. The webgui makes everything a snap, even for the non technical.

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SNMP and Mail alerts work great as well. We just finished rolling the Balance out to all of our seven branch offices and main location. We can have up to three ethernet connections plus one USB modem, and as long as all don't go down at the same time we don't even notice an issue, not even with the VPN! I'm in love :. Here's my vote for Peplink as well. I've been using a balance at our main site, and a few. I cannot scream Peplink loud enough here.

We are using their products and the VPN ability to aggregate and prioritize traffic is. Browse by category. Ratings Breakout. Directly message trusted product experts. Full name. Contact me via Work Email Work Phone. Work Email. Spiceworks username. Reason for connecting.

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By clicking send, you will receive individual direct responses from the vendor via the method selected. Read our privacy policy for more info. Send Message. Your message was successfully sent! Send another message. Overview Peplink Balance combines up to 13 Internet connections and lets you scale your bandwidth to suit all your needs. Check out the product website.

xurious inc glassdoor

Read all reviews. Spiciest Positive Review Andrew Weisz. We had one small "issue" which turned out to be my error and was quickly solved b Pat K This person is a verified professional. Overall Rating. Dec 04, Nov 26, Business Insider. Such lenders seek to loan money to make a profit and fulfill mission-focused goals. The bank recently found in its Chase Business Leaders Outlook study that veteran-owned businesses beat their peers on a number of metrics.

For instance:. The company also said Monday it renewed its partnership with Bunker Labs, an organization that provides veteran entrepreneurs with education and financial resources. A small provision in the fiscal defense budget bill aims to make it easier for the military to donate protective gear deemed no longer fit for military use to the service members who wore it during combat and other military operations.

The provision, first reported by Army Timeswould grant formal permission to the military to do something that has from time to time been done informally — presenting old gear to the troops it protected as a keepsake — and tacitly acknowledges that the equipment these troops wear tells a story of its own. Lance Cpl.

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Bradley A. Snipes stands with the helmet that saved his life. During a mission with his platoon, Snipes was shot in the head by an enemy sniper. The only thing that saved his life was the Kevlar helmet he wore. The stories of troops whose lives have been saved because their Kevlar helmets stopped an enemy bullet have become a genre of their own in reports from the battlefield. Photos showing Marines and soldiers mugging with shredded helmets highlight the importance of the stories these protective items tell.

One Marine Corps news release from recounts how Lance Cpl. Bradley Snipes, an anti-tank assaultman with 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines, was hit squarely in the head by a sniper round during a deployment to Iraq. He came away uninjured, thanks to his Kevlar. This is proof. The story added that Snipes wanted to petition to keep his helmet as a memento.

This article originally appeared on Military. Follow military.I work for an SMB with around employees. Approximately 60 images for 3-axisper product, in highest jpg quality at 18MP and we have about new product skus a year. I am also hearing talks of RAW format for 10 angles per product. These images will need to be readily available for years. After that they can be moved to archive. All this is in addition to their normal ai, psd, etc file creation. I have calculated with some overhead that at the end of the 3 years, they will need close to 4.

I was thinking to keep things at an acceptable performance level, I would segregate all their storage from the rest of the company's. I have a Server guest as our main file server and would prefer to keep that as the front-end for the new storage. Do you think this is a good plan?

If so, what is the best way to present the storage to the front-end server? If not, how would you change this plan? You'll have the options to add drives down the line, and it will automatically calculate the best redundancy based on what you specify in the management interface. Since you'll be on RAID 10, that will increase those numbers barring the link aggregation part.

We have no speed or workload issues with it. I like the SSD tiering concept but am a little hesitant of utilizing Drobo, as they have mixed reviews here and other places. Is iSCSI the only way to present the storage to the front-end? Then again, you do have users. I started with a PS and our newest is a PS I cannot say enough good things about these.

What's your budget? With a little bit of planning, a FreeNAS implementation will outperform all the previously mentioned solutions. Mirrored vdevs raid10 will far exceed the performance you want, or you can go with raidz2 raid6 option which will have high sequential at the cost of IOPS total random IOPS will be equal to the slowest disk.

Expansion is very simple, just replace the drives one by with a larger drive. There's a ton of info on ZFS, a bit of research will go miles.

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Replication is very simple. ZFS includes a replication feature. Every 15 minutes or whatever amount of time you desireZFS takes a snapshot think incremental, but with nearly no overhead and copies it to a secondary machine.

You can also set an expiration for the snapshots. For example, I keep hourly snapshots for 2 days, bi-daily snapshots for a week, daily snapshots for a month, and weeklies for a year. Snapshots cost almost nothing in terms of storage costs. As far as the reliability, you are trading support for cost.Sign In. Join Free. Inquiry Basket.

Get Apps. Post Sourcing Request. Kaimei Housewares Qingdao Co. Shandong, China. Business Type:. Main Products:. Stainless Steel Tableware. Number of Employees:.

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Year of Establishment:. Management System Certification:. Average Lead Time:. Peak season lead time: one month Off season lead time: one month. Sample Available. Visit My Factory. Diamond Member Since Audited Supplier. Print This Page. Favorites Favorites Share.


Get Latest Price. Port: Qingdao, China. Contact Now. Customized Request. Download Product Catalog. You Might Also Like. Basic Info. Product Description. Yes, we can do color match by pantone number or your samples, customized color is ok. Yes, you can. Our Samples are only free for the customers who confirm order.This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. A valid e-mail address. All e-mails from the system will be sent to this address.

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xurious inc glassdoor

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Our strengths - and we pride ourselves on it! There are people who keep to-do lists and people who just do. The very first office of Xurious Inc is now created by Miss Sai Lakshmi in DecemberMaking choices that are good for you, your family, your wallet, and the planet can be tough, and it usually feels like something has to give.

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Life can be a balancing act between making a difference and getting out the door on time. Our Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground.

It is specifically tailored for each individual and includes one-to-one coaching conducted in a relaxed and fun environment. Click here to read about some of the people that have already completed the programme.

A business associate is required to attend corporate meetings, residential meetings, several training workshops and earn more profitability. The role of an HRD trainer is to observe people or situations, recruitment and retention of employees actively conduct training sessions. To build a capable team and continuously motivate them, set certain goals,effortlessly manage their territories.

An owner partner is accountable for the overall handling and running of a profitable organization, framing a business plan, attending international The extraordinary Knowledge Transfer across the different streams has benefited me a lot.

It provides a good platform for career growth where talent and hard work are recognized and appreciated. I can proudly say this is my first and best move…. The best place where we can develop our leadership skills and enhance ourselves with a friendly, enthusiastic and a positive environment ever.

From the background of engineering,having no idea of management side,it was a very great experience learning new skills and ideas to build ourselves. The world is filled with apathetic people. They have no interests, or passions.

They let the world wash over them, and barely notice anyone else is even there. Our business head Ms. Sai Lakshmi is not one of these people. She cares about everything, and everyone, in our Company.

But she does.