Aether minecraft update


As Minecraft 's latest snapshots added bees and honey into the game, the question begs to be asked: what's coming next for the game? Minecraft 's last two major updates, 1. Both updates helped skyrocket Minecraft back into a position of popularity and solidify its position as one of the most consistently popular games of all time.

Here's five features we really hope to see introduced in the next update, and five we'd rather not see in Minecraftat least not for the time being. The Nether has seen some tiny updates and adjustments here and there, but nothing major to speak of for the longest time. The only real reason a player would head to the Nether is to get some Nether Wart and Blaze Rods, but after that the Nether really has no true utility.

It's also great for building a network of Nether portals, which has become a bit of an art itself among Minecrafters. What the Nether really needs, however, is new structures, new details in its barren terrain and something that will motivate players to revisit over and over again. Simple constructions can really make a survivor's life a lot easier, but unless you're a bit of a genius, most of us have no clue what most of the items do or how to make them.

Redstone wiring is a bit of a niche thing, and outside of making the simplest mob grinders and experience farms, we probably don't need anymore complex Redstone functionalities to further confuse us.

If anything, a guidebook would be much appreciated, Mojang! Slabs have been somewhat of a hot topic among Minecrafters for a long time.

Many of players, us included, believe it would be convenient to be able to craft a slab of any block, aside from liquid blocks of course. This would allow a bit more creative freedom when building houses.

aether minecraft update

Unfortunately, Mojang did previously abandon the concept of the dirt half slab, but hopefully their minds are changed in the future. More importantly, what we really need are vertical slabs. Just think of the possibilities of such an object, and what it would mean for Minecraft building! Don't get it twisted, we love new biomes as much as anyone else. What we don't love is how much more common some biomes are over others and how you'll likely never find that brand new, rare and cool biome that was just added to the game, unless you find a seed for it online.

We're all for new biomes, but please make them a bit more common. How many times do we have to spawn in a boring Forest biome and trek a thousand blocks just to find something a bit more special? Mojang, hear our calls, no more ultra rare biomes!

Minecraft Story Mode aside, we want to know more about the world we're brought into when we spawn. We know there's the Nether and The End, but what does it all mean?Ready to experience a new Minecraft adventure?

The Ether mod — which is different from the Aether mod — has been steadily providing Minecraft players with exciting adventure for quite some time. In the latest Adventure Update, the creators of the Ether mod have given players a totally new journey to experience in three creative new worlds.

The Ether mod is directly inspired by the popular Aether mod for Minecraft, which increases the confusion between the two mods.

aether minecraft update

So in other words, the Aether team is totally cool with the Ether mod. A dreamed World to his range, a new World. In this world you go find a heavenly creatures and good fruits to eat, a place to be explored and various rewards in the path!

If you understood any part of that description, then you understood more than I did. In fact, all of the minerals in this game have new respective armor sets. These fruits have special area effects that last for thirty seconds. The highlight of this mod is the area you travel to. Players explore islands in the sky which seem like something out of a totally new planet. Trees are purple and the ground is aquamarine.

The most powerful monsters — including angels and arcangels — drop some pretty phenomenal loot. The ultimate goal of this mod is to challenge the guardians of heaven. Before you do that, however, you better be prepared to battle through dungeons and other challenges. Step 1 Download and install Minecraft Forge. Step 2 Download the latest version of the Ether mod from here. These fruits have special area effects that last for thirty seconds The highlight of this mod is the area you travel to.

How to install the Ether Mod for Minecraft 1. Share this:. Comments 1 Yo, its joe and this mod is cool bo! Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Blocks are the building blocks of the Aether.

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The blocks of the Aether have many properties. Some blocks such as Quicksoil Glass are transparent. Other blocks give off light, like Ambrosium Torches.

They follow the same rules as Minecraft's blocks; they are almost all one meter high, ignore gravity, and have 16x16 textures. Some blocks have unique properties like Candy Cane Blockswhich slow down the player when they are exposed to rain, or have reverse gravity like Gravitite Ore.

Highlands Update

Some blocks have unique properties like Gravitite Orewhich has reverse gravity. Sign In.

aether minecraft update

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Support Contact PRO. This contains content or features that may be part of the next release. The content may have appeared in Development versions but the full update with these features has not had an official patch yet. The content in this page is heavily subject to change. This contains content or features that are outdated.

The content may have appeared in older mod or game versions. The content is no longer maintained and any issues with it will not be fixed.A Minecraft mod is an independent, user-made modification to the Mojang video game Minecraft. Tens of thousands of these mods exist, [1] and users can download them from the internet for free.

Utilizing additional software, several mods are typically able to be used at the same time in order to enhance gameplay. Its mods are one of the main reasons behind Minecraft's overall success. Minecraft mods are available for computer and mobile versions of the game, but legacy console versions cannot be modded. Minecraft is a video game particularly known for its adaptability for modifications. Client mods can result in loss of performance due to resource demands for older or weaker computers, [12] especially if the player combines many mods together in a "modpack"; however, some client mods can increase the game's performance.

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Modifications to the Java Edition of Minecraft are possible because for each new major version of the game, the community reverse-engineers Minecraft 's source code, which is written in Java. Mojang and Microsoft provide little official support for this for example, the game provides no modding API for Java, although Mojang does provide methods for deobfuscating the gamebut the EULA permits non-commercial mods.

Although the first version of Minecraft was released in May[15] client-side modding of the game did not become popular in earnest until the game reached its alpha stage in June The only mods that were released during Minecraft 's Indev and Infdev development stages were a few client-side mods which had minor changes to the game. With the release of Alpha, the first server-side mods began to appear. MCP was a tool which decompiled and deobfuscated Minecraft code. MCP would recompile and reobfuscate new and changed classes, which can be injected into the game.

But, if multiple mods modified the same base code, it would conflict. To solve this problem, Risugami's Modloader was created; Modloader prevented any conflict occurring due to multiple mods modifying the same base classes or game resources. Towards the end ofnew mods were released which featured more content than previous ones.

Minecraft was now preparing to move into its beta development phaseand popular mods such as IndustrialCraftRailcraft and BuildCraft were first released. As opposed to their predecessors, these mods had the potential to change the entire game instead of simply tweaking minor aspects of it. Bukkit allowed server owners to install plug-ins which modified the server's way of taking input and giving output to the player without players having to install client-side mods.

Forge allowed players to be able to run several mods simultaneously. Forge utilized MCP mappings. Forge also released a server version of Forge, which allowed mods to be run on servers, which eventually led to people creating modded servers.

Forge ended the necessity to manipulate the base source code, allowing separate mods to run together without requiring them to touch the base source code. After Minecraft was fully released in Novemberthe game's modding community continued to grow. A fork of CraftBukkit, called Spigot which was backward compatible with plugins was also in development.Aether Dungeons are a new feature added in the Aether Mod.

There are 3 types of dungeons that can be found in the Aether - BronzeSilverand Goldwith Bronze being the easiest and Gold being the hardest. Each has their own specific look, boss, puzzles and minions as well as a treasure chest at the end of each one.

Rewards vary depending on the difficulty of the dungeon. They have no similarity to one another or Overworld dungeons. If the player is killed within the dungeon, the bosses' health will not be reset. Dungeons are guarded by doors, which you can enter with a party that you created, or you can go solo. However they are bugged. If you choose to go in with a party, all member of that party must accept the request if that group is to go in.

The difficulty of that dungeon will depend on how many people head in, for example, heading in solo will be easier than 5 people going in. There are 3 mini-bosses in each dungeon. Each one will give you a key, which you need to use on the door to get to the final boss, the Slider.

After the Slider has been defeated, it will say "Conquered". This will go for the entire party, and you cannot conquer the same dungeon twice. With the Summer Hotfix comes the dungeon system revamp.

Doors to the Slider's Dungeon has been replaced with a Dungeon Totem. Clicking on the Totem will send you to a sub-dimension in Aether. In this dimension, a new dungeon is generated for the player's personal exploration and use if the player is not in a party and if the player has yet to use that specific Dungeon Totem.

After completing the dungeon, the area can be converted into a personal home. If entered with a party, a new dungeon is generated for the entire party. This means that even though a single player may have used the Totem and already has a personal dungeon, in a party the player can explore a new dungeon using the same Totem. Should the player leave the party and click on the Totem, the player will enter the previous personal dungeon generated for the player from that Totem, if there is one.

Dungeons can be conquered by any number of people, any number of times, but can only be conquered by the same player once.

Aether update

As stated above, the dungeon can be conquered again by the player if s he is in a party. Keys no longer drop as an item from the mini-bosses, when the mini-boss is defeated the key counter at the top right will increase by one maximum of three, one for each mini-boss.

Defeating all three mini-bosses will allow the player s to enter the Slider's Room, by clicking on the Sliders door.It will focus primarily on the addition of several new major biomes and island terrain generation but includes additional other features such as NPC Angel villages, Moa genetics and more. Sign In. From Aether Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. The content of this page is still in development. This information is subject to change, or may not feature in the mod.

Please remember to cite any sources. This is necessary as there is no way of telling if the information is true unless there is evidence to back it up. Any uncited information will mostly likely be removed until there is a reliable source provided.

aether minecraft update

This article is about the update. For the biome, see Highlands biome. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History.

Get to know The dark side of Minecraft

This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Aether Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO.Average rating: 0. As if the enemies were not enough, the Nether is also the region where a number of deadly falls and pools of molten lava exist.

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Apart from the normal world as well as The End, the Nether is perhaps the only zone worth exploring in the game as it is now. However, if you install the Aether 2 mod, a whole new zone will be added, known as the Aether 2 mod. And, for lack of a better word, the zone is like Heaven.

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The creator of this mod has filled it with beautiful skies, trees and flowers, as well as the use of pastel colors in order to add beauty to the maximum. However, not all that glitters is gold; there are angels as well as other winged creatures that might be looking to hunt you down. The Aether introduces several huge mechanical features to enhance the experience both in the Aether and everywhere else in Minecraft.


First of all, search the internet and download the installer. You will find a number of different downloaders, though they are all the same but with different packaging. Once done, a message will be displayed that will let you know about the successful installation of the mod.

Just run the installer and the program will install itself! However, if you want to make sure that the program runs smoothly, it would be a wise idea to first install Minecraft Forge and then make sure that you have the latest version of Java installed on to your computer. What is Waila Harvestability Mod? Waila Harvestability Mod 1. What is Archimedes Ships Mod?

Archimedes Ships 1. What is Portal Gun Mod? Portal Gun is a mod that adds various blocks, objects, and articles from the Portal game to your Minecraft worlds. Thus, with this mod installed, We can interact with these villages by helping them in their development SlashBlade Mod 1. Download Mystcraft Mod 1. Later, you can save the features Leave comment.

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